Marrakesh, Morocco

Oh hi!


Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco

Long time, no see! I took the summer off from this here blog and well, a lot of my freelance to regroup. It was a good summer! We got new jobs, new commutes and lots of patio time around the city with friends. I just got back from Spain and Morocco (like two days ago) so I have so much to share, plus pictures from the summer and my Seattle trip back in March. I also have a layout change coming to the blog to make it a bit more mobile friendly and a few new sections.

Fall is here, or at least I hope so. Fall in Atlanta is a magical time. I have a few projects I want to work on in the next few weeks plus so many of my friends are getting married next month! I’m so happy to be back home. I’ll share more this weekend.

So, tell me, what have you been up to? Any travels coming up?

Guest Post | How to Balance Blogging with a Full-time Job


This blog post comes at a funny time when I’m so overwhelmed with work and I haven’t been able to update this blog of mine. I still need to finish my Seattle post + update on our upcoming travels! It’s a quick reminder of how things can get out of control and fall through the cracks. I’m over at Ashley’s blog talking about balancing blogging with a 9-5 job with a few other awesome gals. It’s hard, but totally doable. It’s all about priorities, just like traveling. Check it out! 

Thanks Ashley from having me! She just came back from Jordan and I was drooling at her beautiful Instagram pictures. Check out her blog, Ashley Abroad + her badass Au Pair website with tips on how to get + maintain an Au Pair job abroad.

Spring + A Lesson in Patience


Wow, it’s been so quiet around these parts. March has come and gone. This month was such a big month around here. A month of decisions, beginnings and endings. I’ve been waiting for this month to get here for so long. We’ve been ‚ÄĒ well, I’ve been ‚ÄĒ stuck in limbo since about January. Mostly, I’ve been trying to decide what the next step in my career is, while I wait for Alex to finish school and figure out his next step. Decisions are being made though! It’s so nice to plan and move forward.

My patience has been tried so much these past few months. Watching airfare deals pass me by (Peru is still on my mind!), trying not to make plans, and not knowing what’s ahead has made me increasingly frustrated. And as if the universe wanted to teach me a lesson for being impatient, I fell and injured my tailbone at the beginning of the month. So, I’ve been out of commission for a couple of weeks, unable to sit down, write or do anything. Tailbone injuries are one of the slowest injuries to heal. You can’t really speed up the healing process, you just have to wait and let your body do the work. I slowed down, stopped driving, and took some deep breaths as I watched my work pile up around me. The medicine I was on was making me useless and having to be dependent on others was driving me insane. But I learned to be patient, at least for the time being, so I could get better. Things are looking up this week as I catch up on work and I’m hoping for better days ahead as spring comes. 

In other news, I went to Seattle two weeks ago and oh man, the city stole my heart. It was my first time in the Emerald City and it did not disappoint. I limped around the city with my BFF Emily and we had the best time! I have a post coming up on Friday on my girls’ trip and a weekend guide on what to do while you’re there. I can’t wait to go back!

Hope you’re having a great week! I’m definitely enjoying the rainy days of spring, the colorful blooms and slightly warmer weather around ATL. It’s almost patio weather! 

P.S. The photo above is part of the Nectar Collective’s Instagram Challenge: #TNCLovesSpring. Join me and a ton of cool ladies over at Instagram. Follow me here.

Friday Daydreaming | Peru

I often spend my week looking through other travel blogs and thinking about far away places.

Friday Daydreaming shows what I‚Äôve been daydreaming about this week.


This week has been a whirlwind. Between our almost snowmaggedon (no snow!) and being sick, I felt so overwhelmed. However, with yesterday’s amazing llama chase, I got inspired and started planning our Peru trip. While we don’t have any concrete dates yet, I can’t stop thinking about Machu Picchu and hiking the Inca Trail. I started looking at G Adventures for their all-inclusive tours, has anyone traveled with them before? I wouldn’t mind traveling in a group tour in Peru. I’m particularly excited about cooking classes! Maybe crossing the river via a basket? I’m definitely putting the Planetarium on my list.

The salt terraces are a must for me. They are unbelievably gorgeous. 

Coca tea! It helps with the altitude sickness and it’s delicious! I can’t wait to try the iced coca tea with lime. I’ve never had it!

And of course, Machu Picchu. The ruins have been on my mind for a while and I would love to get there early in the morning and have some quiet time before the tourists arrive. Hoping to spot a llama or two!

Check out my Peru Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

Weekly Goals No. 4

My Reuben from Scratch

My Reuben from Scratch

A V-day show at Paper Ghost Studio // Atlanta

A V-day show at Paper Ghost Studio // Atlanta

This weekend was relatively low key. On Friday, we had a bit of a spontaneous Galentine’s outing to a few gallery shows around town and we ended the night at a local bar with tater tots and hot dogs. It was so fun. It was one of those night when I really appreciated my lady friends.

On Sunday, we had a few friends over to celebrate Alex’s birthday a bit early. We made burgers and we had the best mac ‘n cheese. It was freezing cold outside, but the dogs didn’t seem to mind. I also finished¬†my “Reuben from Scratch” project and it came out amazing! More on that soon.

How were your goals from last week?

Last¬†week’s goals

  1. Try out Flywheel.¬†FAIL.¬†Due to scheduling conflicts with my friend, we didn’t end up going. But we are planning to soon. I really want to try it!
  2. Finish up my Valentine’s essay. DONE. You can read it here!
  3. Writing goals. DONE. I wrote more last week and even sent out a few pitches. This week is way more packed with writing. So exciting.
  4. Kick ass on a meeting I have this week. DONE. To everyone who crossed their fingers for me, THANK YOU! I did kick ass in the meeting and things are looking up!

This week’s goals

  1. Finish all of my writing deadlines. I have 6 deadlines this week so it’s going to be a busy one. (yay!)
  2. Kick ass on my follow up meeting. Keep those fingers crossed the rest of the week!
  3. Make two new blog posts. Write up my cranberry chocolate chess pie post + another travel post. Stay tuned!

How was your V-day weekend? Did you do anything fun?

A Valentine’s Day Story


“Want to get take-out?”

My words to Alex pretty much every other weekend, and this weekend won’t be the exception. Valentine’s Day has always been a dumb holiday for me. Not necessarily in the “OMG Hallmark, way to fool us all” way because hey, I’m all for a holiday surrounding candy, especially before Easter. (HELLO PEEPS) Often, we think that if we do well on this day with flowers, candy and giant heart balloons, we get a pass for the rest of the year. It almost feels fake to celebrate this particular day. Sort of like how you pretend to like your family during Thanksgiving. You love them, but don’t necessarily want to be forced to love them on this particular day.¬†Don’t deny it, I get it.

Past boyfriends always made such a big deal out of the holiday, but I’ve always been so meh about it. People question why I’m not “Facebook official” with my partner and I have a simple answer for that, ‘I’m pretty sure Facebook doesn’t care, why do you care?’ I actually had a guy get mad at me because we weren’t Facebook official and we broke up pretty much after that. People always expect a big public gesture, but I always feel like private, lovely gestures mean so much more. (But then again, who knows)

A few years ago, pre-Alex, I spent Valentine’s Day alone for the first time in a long time. Like ever, actually. I was single for about 6 months at the time and all I did was write past midnight every night, take long road trips solo to visit my friends around the country, and cuddle with my OG Valentine, my dog Jack. I’m an only child so I’ve never had a problem being alone. However, the thought of being alone on V-day made me feel like a failure. I was happy being single, but I still got that craving for companionship. It’s hard to be happy with what we have when we could have so much more, right? ¬†I got nothing against V-day, I’m just not inspired by it. I realized on that V-day that I should celebrate the awesome things I have every day. On that particular night, I celebrated a delicious sesame chicken with a marathon of¬†romantic comedies and my dog snoring loudly as usual. Shortly after, my roommate showed up with booze. That was awesome. Tomorrow, I’ll celebrate the fact that Alex and I have¬†survived some big changes in the last two months and we’re still strong as ever. We are spending the day working on our joint project, a Reuben from scratch. Food brings us together, what can I say. Stay tuned for the final product!

So tomorrow, celebrate all the good things in your life, whether it’s finally having the time to marathon your favorite show on Netflix or going out to a fancy dinner with your significant other to a restaurant you’ve been waiting to try. There’s no wrong way to celebrate it and whether you’re single, in a relationship or let’s be real, in a complicated “who knows what the hell we are” pairing, you will always have take-out.

This is a V-day writing prompt via Robin Reetz’s June Letters Writing Column.

A few fun V-day-themed links for the weekend: maybe have a balloon party tomorrow; I love Soppy and the couple behind it; and a fun column by my friend Beca on Tinder + researching your date.

Weekly Goals No. 3

My writing corner

My writing corner

Despite the beautiful weather we had this weekend (65 degrees!), we mostly stayed inside. Alex had to finish building a video game for school so I joined him on the couch with some Netflix. We had a few friends over for an awesome spaghetti dinner on Saturday. Alex made pasta from scratch and we put together a veggie-friendly tomato sauce to go with it. I made a pie (more on that later this week) and we drank so much wine. It was perfect. On Sunday, we headed to the ‘burbs to visit one of Alex’s friends, who offered to smoke us some ribs. Because who says no to ribs?! They were top notch.

Speaking of top notch,¬†these photos of Cuzco, Peru from Julia Manchik are so beautiful, my friend Sarah Lawrence has mastered the art of pasta making, and a little encouragement to do your thing this week. My friend Davy just redesigned his music/book/art/everything cool in ATL site, DeerBearWolf, so check it out. And one exciting announcement, microchip birth control?! I’m intrigued.

This week’s spirit animal?¬†It’s Kanye, of course.

So, here’s the progress report on last week’s goals and what’s coming up.

Last week’s goals

  1. Get my tax documents together. DONE. All printed, ready for my tax person.
  2. Go to yoga once. FAIL. Last week was so busy, I had to skip yoga. :(
  3. Bake a pie!¬†DONE. I¬†made a pie! Chocolate Raspberry Pie. I’m planning to post the recipe this week.
  4. Make another blog post this week. DONE. Yup. You can read all about Where to Eat + Drink in Reykjavik.

This week’s goals

  1. Try out Flywheel. A friend invited me to a free indoor cycling class at Flywheel and while I am terrified I’m going to throw up everywhere, I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while. Wish me luck!
  2. Finish up my Valentine’s essay. I’ve been following Robin Reetz‘s awesome Writer’s Workshop at June Letters. The last post was on getting personal and a writing prompt about Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to finishing it.
  3. Writing goals.¬†As my 9-5 job slows down, I’m restarting my freelance work (yay!). I have a few pieces to write this week. What I wrote last week:¬†¬†A piece on a fun exhibition at the ACAC in Atlanta¬†+ A few date ideas for Atlantans on V-day.
  4. Kick ass on a meeting¬†I have this week. I’m really excited¬†about this meeting, but I can’t talk about it just yet. Cross your fingers everything works out.

How was your weekend? Can you believe we are almost done with February?

Where to Eat + Drink in Reykjavik



Reykjavik took me by surprise. What a beautiful, warm city. Everyone is incredibly nice. Seriously. Case in point: We woke up around 7 a.m. to meet with our excursion group and we wanted a cup of coffee, but nothing was open. Everything opens around 10 a.m. or later in Iceland. As we walked around, a lady outside of a small market said hi to us and asked if we needed help as we looked lost, but we just said we were okay that we just needed coffee. She said to come into her market and she would make us coffee even though she wasn’t open. And she did! That’s Iceland in a nutshell.

We stayed in an Airbnb right next to Hallgr√≠mskirkja¬†and walking distance to the city center. Let’s just say, we ate and drank a lot since it was just a 10-minute walk. Food is not very expensive, if you know where to go. Drinking is a lot more expensive (like, exorbitantly expensive) so we just drank a few times. If you do want to drink, I suggest buying beer and liquor at the airport duty-free before you exit so you don’t get hit with that crazy Scandinavian alcohol tax. Here are a few recommendations on where to eat and drink when you’re in the city.

Read More

Weekly Goals No. 2


This weekend was fun. We finally headed to Buckhead to check out the new-ish Shake Shack and the Warby Parker store. I got myself a new pair of glasses and we had a feast of burgers, cheese fries and shakes. It was a nice, relaxing Saturday. On Sunday, we had work to do so we stayed home and skipped the Super Bowl parties (but not the snacks!). Also, MISSY ELLIOTT on the Super Bowl Half-time?! What a dream.

Speaking of awesome, this fake friendship essay by Rachel Vorona Cote on Daria and Jane’s friendship touched my soul. Kate Arends on being authentic and dealing with our daily contradictions, a really good read. And finally, these badass teenage girls built a video game to normalize periods among teenagers and use code for social change. So neat.

I think these weekly posts are helping me stay accountable. I actually did everything on my list. I have one BIG¬†goal for February, but I think I’m going to stick to smaller weekly goals for this.

Last Week’s Goals

  1. Clean my closet.  DONE. I finally cleaned my entire closet and gave away 4 (gasp) bags of clothes. I even made Alex do it too. I feel much better about it.
  2. Make one post about Iceland. DONE. A Blue Lagoon post!
  3. Finish my two website projects.¬†DONE.¬†I turned in both web projects and I’m only waiting for feedback from one of them, but they are both done.
  4. Go to yoga once. DONE. I went to hot yoga last Thursday and it was so awesome/painful/oh my god I was so sore. But I loved it.

This Week’s Goals

For the first time, since the beginning of the year, I finally feel like I’m on top of things. So I’m¬†not going to pile up many things this week.

  1. Get my tax documents together.¬†Print out all of the necessary documents and put them all in a folder for my tax person. Believe me, there’s a lot.
  2. Go to yoga once. Again, I have about 7 yoga classes to use up and exercising during the week makes me feel better about my stress.
  3. Bake a pie!¬†I miss making pies now that my challenge is over. I have this Cranberry Chocolate Chess Pie recipe I’ve been wanting to try.
  4. Make another blog post this week.¬†Sometimes, this blog isn’t a priority, but I want to change that. I want to make sure I document all of our trips before we start taking more.
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